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Friends?…Or, Not.

So I found an old friend from about fifteen years ago.  I added her as a facebook friend.  She was not happy to hear from me.  I know we both hurt each other.  I know I did and said some things that were uncool, but I am really truly sorry.  I replied to her rather nasty message just explaining that I wanted to tell her I wish her well, to apologize for causing her hurt, to let her know that it’s ok if she can’t trust me and my apology but I was giving it anyway…since she was plainly not eager to hear from me, I told her I would not be contacting her again…


I do not handle rejection well.  It makes me jumpy and full of self doubt.  I have told one of my Masters.  He told me I did the right thing…


See, you get to a point in your life where you need to try and attone for the hurt that you caused.  I’m at that point.Friends